Friday, June 25, 2010

Bret Michaels Book

The release date for Bret Michaels’ upcoming autobiography Roses & Thorns keeps getting extended following Bret’s many medical mishaps…and it’s growing exponentially. “I don't think Simon & Schuster has ever had a book like this, where every day something else happens to me,” Michaels told “This book was supposed to come out June 23 of last summer (2009), and then I had the Tony Awards incident [hit in the head by a piece of scenery] happen, so they wanted to put that in there. Then I had the brain hemorrhage [this past April], and they're like, 'You gotta talk about that...' This book is going to be like War and Peace times six. It's ridiculous." Michaels is pushing for a November release for Roses & Thorns; the official release date is listed as February 1.

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